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Markets & Dividends

Dividends are announced occasionally when stocks are doing particularly well and/or generating a lot of interest in the real world.

Dividends are paid to all current shareholders at time of dividend announcement.

Once dividends are paid, share price will be adjusted to reflect the payout. For example, StockA @ $1.50 per share pre-div announces a div of $0.23 per share, its share price will be $1.27 per share post-div.

Dividend payouts are capped at 20% of the previous closing price.

There are exceptions when dividends will not be annouced even if a stock is doing well, such as when the stock's share price is extremely low.

  • Technology
  • World Rally Championship
  • Formula 1

    Formula 1 includes major manufacturers and drivers in the Gran Prix.

    Dividends are generated by comparing a stock's performance between races.

    For example, Ferrari scored 16 points on Race One, and 18 points on Race Two, the increase is 12.50%, so the dividend for Ferrari after Race Two will be 12.50% of its current share price.

  • Politics
  • Male/Female Celebrities
  • Premier League
  • NFL
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