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Posted by magellan on 2007-08-07 19:41:22 ( Scores: 0.00 )

First, Kudos! The NFL Market seems to be a success; really wish I'd gotten in sooner on some of those Stocks!

Second, a couple of suggestions for site improvements:

1. I think it'd be nice if the Stocks on the Home page were clickable, to go straight to the Stock page.

2. I'd like a link from a Stock page back to my portfolio, instead of going back to the Home page each time.


Posted by mattdev121 on 2007-09-10 23:14:49 ( Scores: 0.00 )

I'd like links to the history graphs of each stock available wherever they are (in your portfolio, etc). Right now they are only available if you see them in the market listing.

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