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Posted by tradeinstock on 2008-07-01 11:08:00 ( Scores: 0.00 )

Jade Art Group Inc. is a seller and distributor of raw jade, ranging
in uses from decorative construction material to high-end jewelry in China. It owns exclusive distribution rights to 90% of the SheTai Jade mine?s production, one of China's largest open-pit jade mines in terms of reserves. The SheTai Jade mine has proven and probable reserves of approximately six million tons and an estimated useful life of well over 50 years. Jade Art Group began selling and distributing jade in January 2008.

Historically Jade Art Group?s business was manufacturing and selling hand and machine-carved wood products in China. Man- agement saw the opportunity to transition from this business with limited growth potential to enter the much more attractive business of raw jade sales and distribution.

Jade Art Group?s goal is to meet China?s growing demand for jade and use its free cash to vertically integrate its raw jade distribution base into jade processing, carving and eventually retail jade sales.

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